Control: Place physical barriers between workers

Using a Barrier to Limit Airborne Exposure or Droplets


This image shows barriers that were used to protecttwo individuals who were required to work within close proximity (6 feet) of each other during week-long job installing underground cast iron piping in a trench. The 3’6”x 7’ droplet barrier wasfabricated using 6-millimeter plastic sheeting attached toa 2in x 4in lumber frame. Note: Workers should wear facing coverings even with the barrier.

Source: West Virginia University

Date: 03/12/21

COVID-19 Exposure Control Planning Tool


The CDC and OSHA recommend that companies develop a plan to protect their employees and prevent the spread of COVID-19. This free planning tool is designed to help users develop a plan for their worksite in 4 steps. Now in a soft launch, feedback is welcome - email

Source: CPWR - The Center for Construction Research and Training

Date: 09/11/20

Plexiglass Barrier


This photo shows use of plexiglass to create a physical barrier between workers when maintaining a 6ft distance is not possible.  

Source: Oregon State Building Trades Council

Date: 08/28/20

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